Designing Fire Protection system for any facility is important as well as very critical part. Fire-protection systems are complicated and sophisticated, and are different for just about every building/facility. Determining the most effective combination of fire safety equipment for the building, room, or hazard area is the key.

While no standard fire-protection design blueprint exists for any two buildings, the systems found in any building typically include these basic components:

  • Detection
  • Alarms and notification
  • Suppression

At Wire Consultancy, we have dedicated teams of highly experienced, certified and trained professionals who can help you get through this process effortlessly.


Be it a new Installation or the upgradation of the current fire protection system, Wire Consultancy has the capability of Installing the Fire Protection as per the design. While we are at it, we make sure that the installation is being done without compromising on the quality and standard requirements.


Commissioning is a systematic process that provides documented confirmation that specific and interconnected fire and life safety systems function according to the intended design criteria set forth in the project documents and satisfy the owner’s operational needs, including compliance requirements of any applicable laws, regulations, codes, and standards requiring fire and life safety systems.  Commissioning helps to enhance the quality of system start-up and aid in the orderly transfer of systems for beneficial use by the owner.

Fire Detection and Alarm System Design, Installation and Commissioning

Fire detection and protection system is required for the following reasons:

  • To detect fire in the area during the initial stage.
  • To alert occupants, so that they escape the building safely.
  • Summon trained personnel to take charge of controlling the fire as quickly as possible.
  • To initiate automatic fire control and suppression system.
  • To support and supervise the fire control and suppression system.

Fire detectors are designed to detect one or more of the three characteristics of fire-smoke, heat and flame. Besides it every fire detection system must include manual call points (break glass), so that in the event of fire can be of immediate help.

Our highly experienced and certified teams have to capability to design, install and commission the Fire Detection and Alarm system at your facility in such manner that it will provide round the clock security against the fire at your facility.