Fire engineering has been a neglected discipline in the past for majority of primitive industry and in cases, for major industries as well, where most of the critical engineering part has been left out in the scope of hardcore equipment suppliers. Thereby missing important factors such as suitable extinguishing media, fire load-wise allocation of resources to areas in the facility, actuation and timely response of fire -fighting systems, emphasis to importance of different operations in the same facility, etc.

WIRE designs your fire systems not only as per requirements of Code (which is the minimum requirement), but to best industrial practices updated with technologies available for risk and cost optimisation.

The services include:

  1. Design of complete Fire Hydrant and auxiliary network including sprinklers and local suppression system such as foam, mist, High velocity spray system, etc.
  2. Network Analysis for planned, designed and existing systems (Computer Aided Design) of hydraulic system via simulation (pressure drop hydraulics).
  3. Installation and commissioning of complete Fire-fighting system including the detection and alarm system.
  4. Testing of existing systems for fitness and recommissioning.
  5. Design and supply of related auxiliaries such as signages, Fire plan, Evacuation Plan, Fire door design, Fire partition design, etc.