This is a brainstorming approach conducted by a multidisciplinary team. The approach simulates creativity of the team members to generate new ideas. As a result of this study, numerous, qualitative recommendations have been made to electrical design the safety and operability problems out of the major power system upgrade. Among the recommendations are suggestions on protection and control strategy, materials of construction, process material releases, alternative design options, and maintenance of this power system upgrade.

E-HAZOP is a technique used to identify design flaws in a project right from Feed stage. It is also known as SAFOP (Safety and Operability) Study.

  • Assess, eliminate/ or minimise the potential hazards presented to personnel in the vicinity of Electrical Installations (SAFAN).
  • Provide a critical review of both the Electrical System Design and the Plant to be installed. Assess any limitations and their effects on both Operability & Security of the overall system (SYSOP)
  • Analyse tasks set for Operators, assess the information, facilities and instructions provided to undertake these tasks and recommend measures to avoid Operator error(OPTAN)