Electrical risk assessment

The Electrical Risk Assessment which is also known as ESA (Electrical Safety Audit) can be broadly classified and grouped into three categories:

  • Safety related to humans-Human safety audit
  • Safety of equipment-Equipment safety audit
  • Statutory requirement-Statutory audit

The main objective of Electrical Safety Audit is to identifying potential electrical hazards; flaws in design system, maintenance system, etc. top reverent minimize loss of life and property. Following are the key objectives of ESA:

  • Review of connected load, sanctioned load/contract demand.
  • Review of the complete electrical distribution system.
  • Review of electricity bills for the penalties imposed by the power supply agency for exceeding contract demand, delayed payment charges and non-maintenance of power factor.
  • Review of quality of electrical safety and protective systems like Main switches, MCCBs, MCBs, ELCBs/RCBs, Isolators etc.
  • Review of insulation resistance of cables, wires etc.
  • Review of earthing system.
  • Review of quality of electrical wiring practices, switch gear used.
  • Review of UPS/Battery, hub/servers for safety and proper location.
  • Review of energy consumption via connected load.
  • Review of lighting arrangement.