Energy Audit

Energy audit is a technique used to establish pattern of energy use; identify how and where loses are occurring; and suggest appropriate economically viable engineering solutions to enhance energy efficiency in the system studied.

Resource Available for Energy Audit

Consultant Qualification and Number of Consultants Area of Excellence
Accredited Energy Auditor by BEE 05 Thermal Expert-02
Electrical Expert- 02
Mechanical Expert-01
We have India’s Best energy audit from Thermal, Electrical and Mechanical field.
Certified Energy Auditor by BEE 07 Thermal Expert-02
Electrical Expert- 04
Mechanical Expert-01
Certified Energy Managerby BEE 06 Thermal Expert-01
Electrical Expert- 03
Mechanical Expert-02
HVAC Design expert from ASHRE 02 Designing of Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Power Quality Solution designer 03 Design of harmonic filter both Active and Passive Filter