With a strong knowledge of project management process and best practices WIRE provides PMC and EPC packages comprising of Engineering, Procurement, Erection and Commissioning services in parts or on a turnkey basis as per customer requirements. We have tonnes of experience for applying project management successfully in a variety of situations. We have the ability to maintain client’s expectation well and we are ideally suited for handling small and medium sized projects, where the customer can provide basic engineering/ process technology. WIRE’S project management is done by employing cost efficient, industry leading processes to optimize projects, minimize risks and create value.

We undertake Expansion, Modification, Revamping, Debottlenecking, Shutdown and Turnaround Projects.

Our Project Services include:

  • Tendering
  • Techno commercial Negotiations
  • Commissioning trials
  • Quality assurance and Inspection, testing and certification
  • Training of company employees
  • Finalizing major packages in consultation with technology provider for tendering
  • Vendor identification and approvals
  • Project Master Plan
  • Site Mobilization
  • Project Manuals and Final documentation
  • Procurement
  • Progress Monitoring, Expediting and Reporting
  • Performance trials
  • Logistic planning and transportation
  • Evaluation of basic engineering package and commenting on its adequacies.
  • Control of detailed Engineering
  • Overall Project Plan and Control
  • Project control
  • Appointment of contractors at site and Erection supervision
  • Deployment of commissioning team