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Fire detection design is the process of designing a system that can detect a fire. It involves the installation of smoke detectors and heat detectors, which are usually connected to a central control unit that alerts the user when a fire is detected. The system should be designed so that it can be easily maintained and updated if needed.

This system has to be designed to meet certain criteria. For example, it needs to be able to detect a fire within a reasonable amount of time, and it needs to be able to alert people in the building so they can take action.

Detection systems are usually separated into two categories: automatic and manual. Automatic detection means that there are sensors that detect the heat from flaming fires and trigger alarms, which notify people about the fire. Manual detection means that people have to find out about the fire by looking for it or hearing about it through some other means.

Fire detection systems are devices that are designed to detect the presence of fire in a building or structure. They are also known as smoke detectors. These systems come in many forms, including:

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