As per Disaster Management Act, 2005, disaster is a “a catastrophe, mishap, calamity or grave occurrence in any area, arising from natural or man- made causes, or by accident or negligence which results in substantial loss of life or human suffering or damage to, and destruction of, property, or damage to, or degradation of, environment, and is of such a nature or magnitude as to be beyond the coping capacity of the community of the affected area”.

We take all the measures to prevent any kind of hazard from happening but Disasters occur in industries due to the inadequacy of planning of response mechanism or sudden loss of control and functionality of the risk mitigation process. Most of the industries focus on internal risk-based management system to eliminate risks; disaster could be both On-site or Off Site. This is why preparing an Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan becomes very crucial for the Management.

Key Elements of ERDMP:

The major/key elements of Emergency Response Plan are (not limited to):

  • Addressing all types of Emergencies and Hazard associated with the facility whether it is Natural or Man-made.
  • Addressing consequences and Actions required to deal with the Emergencies.
  • Addressing Types, Numbers and Locations of the resources required during the Emergencies
  • Compiling detailed lists of emergency response personnels, their contact details (Primary and Alternate), and their duties and responsibilities.
  • Compiling the floor plans of entire facility.
  • Showcasing all the safe evacuation routes.
  • Occupancy data of the entire facility.

Multiple factors determine the procedures that are needed during the emergency, such as:

  • Nature of emergency.
  • Availability of resources.
  • Degree of emergency.
  • Size of organization.
  • Capabilities of the organization.
  • Availability and Adequacy of external aid.
  • Physical layout of the premises.

Why choose us?

Having a vast experience in the Safety & Risk Management and expertise in consequence modelling studies like QRA, we make sure that all the factors are taken into account while preparing ERDMP (On-site/Offsite), no matter the size and type of the facility.