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Green Building Consultancy

A green building is a facility which utilize less amount of electricity & water resources while also reducing greenhouse gas and solid-liquid waste. These buildings reduce environment pollution, provide healthy environment for occupants while making efficient use of energy resources & local building material.

Different pioneer strive in industry with the vision of sustainable environment building & mitigation of climate change effects, who have introduced different parameters and rankings for classifying & ranking green buildings. The movement is led by IGBC, LEED & BEE in India where consultants associated with these agencies carry out audits of sites with reference to standard benchmarked parameters. These audit findings give detailed highlight of the pending requirement, meant to be fulfilled prior green building certification.

Once the facilities have filled the gaps of audit findings by making changes in equipment, environment, materials, practices etc. they are eligible for green building certification by agencies like IGBC, LEED, BEE etc.

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