Valuation Services

WIRE Consultancy has dedicated team of professionals with various technical backgrounds approved by THE INSTITUTION OF VALUERS (IOV) & Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India for handling valuation of Land & Building, Plant & Machinery and Securities & Financial Assets.

Land & Building, Plant & Machinery Valuation:

  1. Insolvency Valuation
  2. Valuation for Insurance
  3. Asset Valuation Services
  4. Cargo Valuation
  5. Loss Assessment, Damages & Loss of Profit Analysis
  6. Market Value of Plant & Machinery
  7. Asset Sale for Mergers and Acquisitions
  8. Fixed Asset Componentization
  9. Physical Verification & Reconciliation
  10. Scrap Valuation
  11. Asset Tracking & Record
  12. Valuation for Bank loans
  13. Valuation for Loan and Mortgage
  14. Valuation for Company Accounts and Financial Statement
  15. Valuation for Removal from Premises
  16. Due Diligence

Intangible Asset Valuation: 

  • Brands, Trademarks and Patents
  • Licensing Royalty and Franchise Agreements
  • Software, Internet Domains, Databases
  • Sports Teams, Players and Celebrities
  • Formulas, Concepts, Designs
  • Intellectual Property

What we Offer:

Our experts having experiences ranging from 8 to 40+ years, depending on the type of project and the expertise required.