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The audit is carried out as per IS 14489 :1998 on “Code of Practice on Occupational Safety & Health Audit” to check the compliance with the Factories Act, 1948 and Rules for respective states, The Environmental Protection Act & Rules, the CEA Regulations, the  Explosives Act & Rules and other important Indian Statutory requirements and Standards.

Elements of IS-14489 Safety Audit:

Occupational Health & Saftey Policy
Electrical & Personal Safeguarding

Comprehensive Safety Audit will be conducted as per the Indian Standard Guidelines (IS 14489)

Safety Management System
Safety in Operations & Maintenance
Electrical Safety
Safety in Operations & Maintenance
Fire Prevention & Protection
Hazardous Materials / Chemicals
Emergency Management Review

Wire consultancy provide IS14489 consulting services for your company. We offer our services from dedicated team members who have years of experience working as consultants and implementing systems that comply with IS1448. The team at Wire Consulting is comprised of experts in software development, IT consulting, and software testing. Our consultants are qualified to perform audits, design and implement system requirements, test systems in accordance with industry standards, and facilitate the implementation of system documentation.

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