A process Safety Gap Assessment is carried out to understand gaps in 100 % inherently safe virtual design against actual process design at site.

Although, this assessment is not intended to fully undertake a Process safety gap assessment the miniature analysis can be carried out to understand weather the full exercise is required at site or not.

A process safety gap analysis involves identification of deviations that can lead to

  1. Containment failure of chemical process due to
    1. Runaways,
    2. Design pressure inadequacy,
    3. Pressure relief system inadequacy (includes improper maintenance and design of the same),
    4. Heating utility system control failure, Etc.
  2. Ignition of flammable atmosphere
    1. Presence of ignition sources + flammable atmosphere + oxidants together
  3. Exposure to personnel, unintentional loss of environment due to
    1. Lack of diligence to the same in design
    2. Failure of containment of system due to faulty design, inadequate upkeep