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Why Is Road Safety a National Concern in India?

The majority of today’s automobile design is based on safety features, security features, and comfort systems.

The method has aided the development of many intelligent automobiles that rely on cutting-edge equipment and technology to function. While new automobiles sport road safety mechanisms among their defining features, road collisions are increasing in India with each passing year. Hiring a road safety consultant is now an increasing necessity.

It isn’t much of a shock that India is unfortunately known for the highest number of road accidents in the world.

According to the age profile of road collision fatalities in 2016, the contributing age range of 18 to 35 years accounts for 46.3% of total road accident fatalities, while the age group of 18-45 years accounts for 68.6%. Road collisions cost India 3% of its GDP, and the majority of them are avoidable.

But then comparing a relatively small sized country with the second largest population in the entire world to scarcely populated larger countries is maybe a little unfair. Although ignoring the blatant avoidance of rules and the lack of strictness is undeniably a major factor in the lack of road safety in India.

Road Safety and its Importance

The strategies and measures put in place to prevent road accident are referred to as road safety or road traffic safety. One of the world’s most serious public health and injury prevention issues is road traffic accidents.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the victims were often healthy before their accidents. Each year, more than 1 million deaths are caused on the world’s roads, as per the World Health Organization (WHO).

The majority of these collisions are caused by minor inconsistencies that could have been prevented if basic road safety precautions had been taken. Ignorance on the part of road users such as phone using or even having conversation can result in an accident.

The most popular argument for the importance of road safety is that when you’re using road as a driver, many lives are at stake. Not paying attention while driving doesn’t only compromise your safety but can also be dangerous for the pedestrian. In addition, such happening shall distract other drivers as well.

Why Road Safety Education Is Needed?

Road safety is delivered to young minds of children in the institutional and civic learning environments, including early childhood programmes, primary and secondary schools.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged and supported in their efforts to assist their children to become safe road users and educated about road safety through road safety education by a road safety consultant. It aims to foster the development of safe road-use attitudes and actions in children and young adults as commuters, pedestrians, cyclists, and rookie drivers.

The objective of road safety education, training, and advocacy is to train all road users how to use roads properly and safely to transform user mindsets and promote awareness of the necessity for betterment.

To mitigate and eliminate road accidents, road users must adjust their habits. This can be made possible via education, training, publicity, and health promotion.

Road Safety Tips

India like any other country has a set of road safety rules and regulations set by the government. Where there are certain tips given by a road safety consultant that everyone must consider following not only for their own safety but also for others.

  • Abide by traffic rules.
  • Don’t engage in phone/ newspaper on the road.
  • Utilize preventive safety like helmet, seat belt etc.
  • Carry out routine maintenance of vehicle.
  • Another important thing is taking a break during longer drives. Tiredness more often than not leads to disastrous accidents on the highway.

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Key Takeaway

When compared to the number of people who have died in India as a result of Covid-19, which has reached about 1.55 lakh in the last year, 1.5 lakh people perished in road accidents within this year.

However, in comparison to the level of awareness that Covid-19 has generated, the steps taken to raise road safety awareness have been minimal.

Road safety, unlike Covid-19, does not necessitate vaccination, but rather awareness and vigilance. Road safety hence is an obvious national concern in India which is unfortunately widely neglected.