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Power Quality

At WIRE CONSULTANCY, the team of highly experienced Electrical Engineers with exposure of more than 10 years working for different sectors are deployed to deliver the quality results and expertise in providing solutions against the anomalies.  Our complete study is included with:

  • Detailed Recordings & Analysis Data
  • Summary Sheet with recommendations against Anomalies
  • Design Solution for rectification work (including Harmonic Filter Designing)


Electrical networks with poor Power Quality result in financial loss, environmental impacts and/or safety concerns.

Power Quality Analysis is the field of expertise where professionals identify the feeder source input and output using Single Line Diagram for monitoring the different parameters of power. This analysis considers various parameters like:

  • Current & Voltage Harmonics
  • Transient Currents & Voltages
  • Phase-phase/Neutral RMS voltage variations.
  • Frequency variations
  • Ground – Neutral RMS voltage variations.
  • Load RMS current variations
  • Power Factor
  • Active & Reactive Power

Generally, poor Power Quality is the prime reason of following ramifications at your facility:

  • Frequent failures of equipment
  • Reduced lifetime of equipment
  • Production losses
  • Reduced safety levels of installations
  • Increased carbon footprint
  • Non-compliance with utility regulations