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Water audit is a process that can help companies see how much water they use and identify areas where they can save money. It also helps them see how their water usage compares to other companies in their industry, so they’re more aware of how their business is using resources and what it means for the environment.

With increased pressure from government regulatory bodies and ultimate need for the conservation of water resources, Water Audit is the first step to understand current scenario of water utilization in any premises. Water audit determines the amount of water lost from a distribution system due to leakage and other reasons such as theft, unauthorized or illegal withdrawals from the systems and the cost of such losses to the utility. Comprehensive water audit gives a detailed profile of the distribution system and water users, thereby facilitating easier and effective management of the resources with improved reliability. It helps in correct diagnosis of the problems faced in order to suggest optimum solutions. It is also an effective tool for realistic understanding and assessment of the present performance level and efficiency of the service and the adaptability of the system for future expansion & rectification of faults during modernization. Elements of water audit include a record of the amount of water produced (total water supply), water delivered to metered users, water delivered to unmetered users, water loss and suggested measures to address water loss (through leakages and other unaccounted for water losses).

The main goal of a water audit is to identify sources of waste and ways to reduce those sources. It’s important to remember that not all waste is bad; some waste can actually help improve efficiency and performance by making the system more resilient against surges in demand.

water audit improves the knowledge and documentation of the distribution system, problem and risk areas and a better understanding of what is happening to the water after it leaves the source point. Leak detection programs help in minimizing leakages and tackling small problems before they become major ones. These programs lead to

  1. Reduced water losses
  2. Improved financial performance
  3. Improved reliability of supply system
  4. Enhanced knowledge of the distribution system
  5. Efficient use of existing supplies
  6. Better safeguard to public health and property
  7. Improved public relations
  8. Reduced legal liability, and
  9. Reduced disruption, thereby improving level of service to customers.

Wire consultancy provides water audit and water management services to businesses, industries and institutions. Our team of professionals are experts in providing unbiased water audit results and recommendations to ensure sustainable water management.

We offer a wide range of services including:

Pre – Assessment :- Walkthrough of complete facility and collecting information from authorized personals.

Data Collection & Site Visits:- Study of past trend of water consumption, sources of water and corresponding quantities of water drawn from the sources, discussion with facility and process personnel regarding the facility and process requirements.

Data Comparison & Analysis:- Data gathered like total and individual facility water utilization and its comparison with other similar facilities and national guide then carried out to understand the efficiency of water management system.

Draft Report

A detailed report is then presented to client consisting of following details & more:-

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