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Bow-Tie Analysis

Proactively manage risks, prevent incidents, and safeguard your business, personnel, and assets. Our Bow-Tie Analysis service at Wire Consultancy offers businesses a powerful risk assessment and management tool to visualize and understand potential hazards and their associated control measures. We develop customized solutions that address specific industry challenges and ensure compliance with safety standards.

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Bow-Tie Analysis

Bow-tie analysis is a process safety technique used to identify and prioritize risks in a system. It is also known as “risk mapping,” as it can be used to map out the various risks in a system. The concept behind bow-tie analysis is that if you can identify the points where two different systems intersect, then you can ensure that those points are less likely to contain high-risk areas. A bow-tie diagram is used to organise the results of this analysis, with one side representing probability & the other side representing consequence. It is a tool that allows companies to identify the most important factors in their risk assessments. It helps them to focus on the areas that have the greatest impact on the safety of their employees & facilities, & allows them to prioritize those areas for improvement.

Bow-Tie Analysis can help:

  1. Identify the different hazards present in a process, such as explosions, fires, or toxic releases
  2. Determine what might trigger those hazards and what could happen if they were triggered
  3. Assess how likely each hazard is to occur or be triggered, based on its severity and likelihood of occurrence 
  4. Determine which controls are currently in place to prevent or mitigate these hazards
  5. Determine which additional controls should be added to address any gaps identified through this analysis

Wire Consultancy offers comprehensive Bow-Tie Analysis

Wire Consultancy is a highly rated Engineering, Risk management, EHS & Sustainability Solutions Consultancy company that offers Bow-Tie analysis in process safety. Wire consultancy consists of a diverse team of experienced auditors and professionals who have been working in the process safety field for over 20 years and have a deep understanding of Bow-Tie analysis in process safety.

At wire consultancy, we provide Bow-Tie Analysis in process safety services to help your business identify and eliminate the risks that could cause catastrophic failures.

Our clients get more than just a Bow-Tie Analysis in process safety services—they get a partner who understands them, their needs, and their goals. We believe that each of our clients deserves the best possible service, so we work hard to deliver it.

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