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Road Safety Audit

Enhance road safety and mitigate risks with Wire Consultancy’s Road Safety Audit. Our specialized service offers a comprehensive evaluation of your road infrastructure, providing valuable insights to optimize safety measures. By analyzing road design, traffic flow, signage, and other critical factors, we help clients identify potential hazards and develop effective strategies for accident prevention. Trust Wire Consultancy to provide you with crucial insights and effective solutions that prioritize the well-being of road users.

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Road Safety Audit

Road Safety Audit is a process that identifies areas of risk on a roadway, including hazards, and assesses the effectiveness of current procedures for mitigating those risks. The audit analyses the causes behind these accidents, and makes recommendations for improvement to increase road safety and reduce the likelihood of accidents. 

The goal of a Road Safety Audit is to reduce the number of road accidents and injuries that occur on any given roadway. The audit process includes identifying areas where drivers can be distracted or distracted by other drivers, as well as areas where pedestrians are at risk. It also takes into account whether there are enough lighting fixtures installed near street corners or intersections.

The benefits of Road Safety Audit include:

  1. Identifying problems in the existing road infrastructure and addressing them before they become a problem for people travelling on that road. This will help ensure that future accidents are prevented.
  2. Identifying potential solutions for problems that may occur in the future, such as a landslide or a flood, which could cause damage or injury to drivers or passengers who use those roads.

Road Safety Audit also serves as an educational tool for other drivers on how best to navigate certain areas where there is a high density of traffic (such as highways). The audit helps drivers understand what kinds of issues they might face when driving through certain areas, so that they can plan ahead accordingly if necessary.

India road network is second largest in the world where National highway constitutes 1.5% of total road network. Out of total transportation means, 65% of freight & 80% of passenger traffic are carried by the roads where maintaining this system is crucial for a developing economy like India. Capital requirement of maintenance funds is very large and runs a shortfall of 40% & to address this, a comprehensive system is developed to recommend optimum maintenance actions where road safety audit form a component.

Complete designing of Pre-engineering building includes soil testing, structural designing for foundations and super structure, selection of suitable lightweight members for super structure, estimation of quantity of construction material etc. Due consideration is given for seismic loads and wind loads acting on structures like Warehouses & Airport Hangars.

Road Safety Audit is a systematic process for checking the road safety implications of highway improvements and new road schemes. Process is carried out independently of design and construction work intended to ensure that operational road safety experience is applied during the design and construction process.

Road Safety Audit​

Audit Is Carried Out In Three Phases

Road Safety Audit​ Stages

Accidents related data, documents assessment, site inspections etc. are carried out throughout the auditing to identify accident black spots, obtain traffic volume count, and site construction practices etc. where safety audit report are proposed for safety recommendations.

The sole objective of the process is to minimize future road accident occurrence and severity once the scheme has been built and the road comes into use.

Advantages Of Road Safety Audits Are As:

Reference Standards:

Wire Consultancy offers comprehensive Road Safety Audit

Wire Consultancy is a highly rated Engineering, Risk management, EHS & Sustainability Solutions Consultancy company that offers Road Safety Audit. Wire consultancy consists of a diverse team of experienced auditors and professionals who have been working in the Road Safety Audit field for over 20 years and have a deep understanding of Road Safety Audit.

Our auditing process is designed to help you find ways to improve your road safety performance and reduce the number of accidents on your premises. It can also help you identify possible hazards that could cause injury or death to people working on site or using your facilities.

Road safety audits are conducted to determine the risk of a particular road or area. The audit will then suggest ways to make the road safer for all users, including drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

At Wire consultancy, The process of conducting a road safety audit involves the following steps:

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