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Lightning Protection System Design

Achieve robust protection against the destructive forces of lightning with Wire Consultancy’s Lightning Protection System Design services. By conducting a thorough assessment of your facility, we identify vulnerable areas and develop a customized solution that ensures the safety of your personnel, equipment, and structures. Trust us to provide you with a robust solution that safeguards your assets and gives you peace of mind during thunderstorms and electrical storms.

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Lightning Protection System Design

An efficient lightning protection system design is very important to ensure increased protection of a building against lightning and its effects. There are no devices or methods capable of modifying the natural weather phenomena to the extent that they can prevent lightning discharges. Lightning flashes to or nearby structures (or lines connected to the structures) are hazardous to people, to the structures themselves, their contents and installations as well as to lines. This is why the application of lightning protection measures is essential.

Wire Consultancy offers comprehensive Lightning Protection System Design

Wire Consultancy adopt the international standard for lightning protection system design as per IEC 62305 – ‘Protection against Lightning’, which is adopted by the Bureau of Indian standards replacing IS 2309. The same is also implemented in the new National Building Code – 2016, Part -8, Section 2 which also clearly defines the need for the measures to be taken care for the planning, erection, testing, and maintenance of lightning protection systems.

As per IEC 62305, we at Wire consultancy offer a single integrated lightning safety system designs, suitable for the protection of structure, power system, and telecommunication systems, where the solution is a combination of an effective air termination system, and a down conductor system, adequate earthing system and surge protective devices.

Also, we determine the need for protection, the economic benefits of installing protection measures, and the selection of adequate protection measures in terms of risk management.

  1. Lightning Protection System Design helps in preventing the damage to the structure of your building
  2. It helps in reducing the number of surge voltage spikes
  3. It helps in reducing the noise and electromagnetic interference on your network
  4. Lightning Protection System Design is helpful in protecting your content from being destroyed by lightning
  5. Lightning Protection System Design is helpful in protecting your equipment from damage
Type of lightning protection system
External Lightning protection system design

As per prescribed methods in IS/IEC 62305 Part 3 selection of method shall be done as per the structure and complexity.

Acceptable methods to be used in determining the position of the air-termination system include:

  1. The protection angle method
  2. The rolling sphere method
  3. The mesh method

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