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3D Fire and Gas Mapping Study

Maximize safety and minimize risks with Wire Consultancy’s 3D Fire and Gas Mapping Study. Our specialized service provides a comprehensive assessment of your facility’s fire and gas detection systems, utilizing advanced 3D modeling techniques. By analyzing potential hazard scenarios and assessing the effectiveness of existing safety measures, we help clients identify critical areas for improvement and optimize their fire and gas detection strategies, enhance safety protocols and emergency response plans.

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Fire and Gas Mapping Study (3D)

Fire and gas mapping is a study that helps determine the location of fire and gas hazards. The study determines where the potential for fire or gas hazards is, and then it uses this information to create a plan for improving safety.

Fire and gas mapping study is a process of installing sensors in buildings to measure the amount of heat, smoke and fire conditions that occur within their premises. This information is used by fire safety professionals to determine what precautions are necessary to ensure safety and reduce damage. The purpose of this study is to examine how the effectiveness of measures taken by building owners can be improved.

It should be noted that the results obtained from a fire or gas mapping study should not be considered definitive until after thorough testing has been conducted by an independent party.

Fire And Gas Mapping Study (3D)

Wire Consultancy offers comprehensive Fire and Gas Mapping Study (3D)

Wire Consultancy provides fire and gas mapping study. We are a leading organization in the field of Fire and Gas mapping. We have vast experience in this field and we can provide you with the best services. Our team of professionals has years of experience in this field and will work with you to ensure that we achieve the most effective solution. We know that our clients are counting on us, so we will always deliver the best service possible.





Fire, Gas and Smoke Detection Systems


National Fire Alarm Signalling Code


Standard on Carbon dioxide extinguishing systems

NFPA 2001

Standard on clean agent fire extinguishing systems

IEC 61508

Functional Safety of electrical/ electronic/ programmable electronic safety-related systems

IEC 61511

Functional safety – Safety instrumented systems for process industry sector

ASME B 31.8

Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems


Land Use Planning Guidelines


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