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Arc Flash Risk Assessment

Mitigate the dangers of arc flash incidents and prioritize electrical safety with our Arc Flash Risk Assessment solutions. At Wire Consultancy, we have a deep understanding of the complexities involved in electrical systems and the potential risks they pose. Our skilled team conducts detailed assessments to evaluate your equipment, analyze fault currents, and determine incident energy levels.

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What is ARC Flash Risk Assessment?

ARC Flash Risk Assessment is a detailed evaluation of the potential danger posed by arc flashes in specific electrical equipment and systems.

ARC Flash Risk Assessment goes beyond simply identifying potential arc flash hazards. It involves in-depth analysis, risk quantification, and practical recommendations to effectively minimize the risk of arc flash incidents and protect workers from potential electrical injuries.

Arc Flash Risk Assessment

ARC Flash Risk Assessment Involves:

  1. Identifying hazards: Your electrical system is dissected, revealing potential flash points like energized conductors, open fuses, and faulty connections.
  2. Estimating the risk: The intensity of potential arc flashes is calculated, considering factors like voltage, current, and arc gap. This determines the severity of potential injuries.
  3. Protective measures: Based on the calculated risk, the assessment recommends appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and safe work practices to minimize the chance and impact of an arc flash.

The primary purpose of ARC Flash Risk Assessment is to systematically identify, evaluate, and mitigate potential dangers associated with electrical arc flashes. This process ensures the safety of personnel, protects equipment, and safeguards the surrounding environment.

Causes of ARC Flash

ARC flash events result from low-impedance connections through the air to the ground or another voltage phase. These events are characterized by electrical explosions, with temperatures exceeding 35,000 °F (19,400 °C), posing significant risks of explosions, equipment damage, fires, and injuries.


ARC Flash Risk Assessment for Prevention of ARC Flash Incidents

To prevent ARC flash incidents, the following strategies can be employed:

  1. De-energize electrical equipment
  2. Wear suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  3. Keep a safe distance
  4. Reduce energy output from an incident
  5. Carry out comprehensive ARC Flash Risk Assessment

ARC Flash Risk Assessment encompasses:

1. Load Flow Analysis​
2. Short Circuit Analysis
3. PPE Recommendations
4. ARC Flash Hazard Calculations
5. Labeling Electrical Equipment
6. Protection Coordination Analysis
7. Strategies to Mitigate ARC Flash

Software & Tools for ARC Flash Risk Assessment

We at Wire, use the tested and proven software to model & simulate electrical systems, perform short circuit studies, and arc flash risk assessments. These tools enhance accuracy and provide valuable insights into potential risks.

  1. ETAP
  2. SKM Power Tool

Reference Standards to Perform ARC Flash Risk Assessment:

Methodology for Arc Flash Risk Assessment

Our Arc Flash Risk Assessment methodology identifies the hidden arc flash hazards. We dissect your electrical system, calculating incident energy and pinpointing flash points. Based on these insights, we craft customized solutions—recommending robust PPE, safe work practices, and proactive measures to keep your people and operations protected from the incidents of arc flash.

Choose Wire Consultancy for ARC Flash Risk Assessment

WIRE Consultancy offers comprehensive ARC Flash Risk Assessment services, including:

  1. Thorough system analysis and modeling
  2. Accurate incident energy calculations
  3. Development of customized safety measures
  4. Training programs for employees
  5. Ensure compliance with codes and regulations as well as safeguarding personnel and electrical installations.

Several standards, regulations, codes outline the necessary measures for Arc Flash safety, requires that employers to perform an Arc Flash Risk Assessment for electrical installations and to update the study at every five-year.

WIRE Consultancy stands ready to assist you in this crucial aspect of workplace safety, ensuring a secure and compliant electrical infrastructure through Arc Flash Risk Assessment. Our services are available across PAN India locations and beyond, ensuring top-tier safety standards worldwide.

Our team comprises in-house certified professionals, including Chartered Engineers (IEI), IOSH Certified, NEBOSH Qualified (UK), and Class A electrical supervisors (Inspectorate), ensuring the highest standards of safety, compliance, and proficiency in every assessment we undertake.

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