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Electrical Front end engineering design (FEED) is a process that involves the creation of all the designs that will be used to manufacture a product. It includes all the drawings, models, and specifications needed to build the product.

Front end engineering design (FEED) is typically done in conjunction with back end engineering design (BED), which involves creating detailed blueprints for each part of a product. These blueprints are used to make parts for the finished product.

The Front end engineering design (FEED) process has four main steps:

The front end engineering design (FEED) is a critical component of any construction project. It involves the early design and development of the project, including all aspects of the construction process. This includes planning, designing, and implementing all components of the construction process.

The Front end engineering design (FEED) process is typically used during the pre-construction phase of a project. This can include a wide range of activities, such as:

  1. Designing and developing detailed drawings
  2. Preparing cost estimates for each component of the project
  3. Establishing methodologies for constructing each component

Wire consultancy provide front end engineering design (FEED) services to clients in the manufacturing and engineering industries. The company has a team of professional engineers, who have expertise in various fields of engineering, including mechanical, electrical and software.

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