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Structural Design Analysis

Achieve structural integrity and optimize your design with Wire Consultancy’s Structural Design Analysis services. Our expertise lies in conducting comprehensive assessments of structural systems, ensuring they meet safety standards, performance requirements, and regulatory compliance. By employing advanced analysis techniques and technologies, we identify potential structural flaws, evaluate load-bearing capacities, and provide data-driven recommendations to enhance the overall design. Trust Wire Consultancy to be your partner in creating structurally sound and resilient designs that stand the test of time.

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Structural Design Analysis

Structural design analysis is an essential part of the process of designing a building. It involves examining the internal elements of a building and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. This can help ensure that the design will be able to support its intended function for many years, without causing any structural issues. Structural design analysis involves using a variety of tools and techniques to analyze how well your building will hold up during different types of weather conditions, as well as how it will perform over time. The process starts with a review of your building’s codes and specifications, which can help you anticipate any problems that might arise during construction.

Engineering Design

Preparation of civil layout for RCC, Steel and Masonry Structures in different perspectives such as isometric – view, elevation, plan – view etc. Preparation of structural drawings of members like foundation, shear wall, pavement, column, beam & slab that contain reinforcement details, cutting length, welding details, joint locations, clear cover etc. All designs are prepared as per governing standards that include but are not limited to IS 456: 2000, IS 800: 2007, IS 1893:1984, IS 4326:2013, IS 13828:1993, IS 13920:1993, IS 875:1987 and NBC 2016.

Architectural Designing

Crafting architectural plans that contain a colourful illustration of civil layout in different perspectives such as elevation, isometric – view, plan – view etc. with few additional details of furniture, windows and doors. Besides, a 3D design is also modelled to cover all aesthetic aspects such as orientation & location of building components, colour & texture of building parts, interior furniture layout, outdoor landscape areas & tree cover.

Pre-Engineering Building (PEB) Designing

Complete designing of Pre-engineering building includes soil testing, structural designing for foundations and super structure, selection of suitable lightweight members for super structure, estimation of the quantity of construction material, etc. Due consideration is given to seismic loads and wind loads acting on structures like Warehouses and airport Hangars.

Civil and structural designing involves the following steps:

Choose Wire Consultancy for Structural Design Analysis

Wire Consultancy is a leading Engineering, Risk management, EHS, and sustainability consultancy firm that offers Structural Design Analysis to diverse clients across various industries. We have a team of experts with years of experience in this field who can analyze and evaluate the structural integrity of your building or infrastructure.

Our comprehensive Structural Design Analysis includes a thorough evaluation of the design, material properties, and construction of your structure. We use advanced tools and software to simulate real-life scenarios and identify potential weaknesses, ensuring that your structure is safe and meets all regulatory requirements.

We offer professional advice on all aspects of structural design analysis, including:
Our experts are highly trained in the latest technologies and practices so they can deliver high-quality results.

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