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Electrical Design Services is a service that provides engineering solutions for the development of electrical systems. It includes the design, planning and implementation of electrical systems for buildings and equipment.

Electrical Design Services generally requires a great deal of expertise in many different areas including engineering, architecture and construction management.

Electrical Design Services is a type of professional services that involves the creation of electrical designs for construction and utility work. The tasks performed by an electrical designer include:

  1. Preparation of drawings and specifications
  2. Coordination with other disciplines such as mechanical and civil engineers
  3. Supervision and management of subcontractors, material suppliers, equipment vendors and other consultants and suppliers

Electrical design services are an important part of modern engineering. They provide the design and documentation for electrical systems and components, including both hardware and software.

Electrical Design Services is used to design and evaluate the design of electrical systems in buildings, industrial plants, and other structures.

Electrical design services are used in all sectors of the industry. Electrical engineers, who specialize in this field, can design and install electrical equipment for new buildings and existing structures. They use a variety of tools to do so, including CAD software, simulation programs, and computers. Some companies use a combination of these methods to create their designs.

WIRE consultancy has a team of experienced electrical engineers, designers & consultant who can provide cost effective and high quality solutions. Our experience, expertise and understanding of system in the field of electrical design makes us leader of this segment. We have executed a lot of design studies to various clients. At wire, our primary concern is a solution with safety at utmost priority.

The deliverables:

Our design services includes customized solutions as per the client’s requirement and the deliverables are the following:

Industrial Standards:

Industry Covered:

The benefits of using Electrical Design Services include:

Wire consultancy provide electrical design services. We have over 20 years experience in the field of Electrical Engineering and we have worked on some of the best projects in the industry. We are a team of Engineers and Architects who are passionate about their work and strive to meet high standards. We have been working as a team, with our clients from all over India. Our main focus is to provide a solution which is cost-effective, time-saving, reliable, flexible and environment friendly.

We offer a full range of electrical services including:

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