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Functional Safety

Functional safety is a concept that’s used in industries where the consequences of failure can be fatal. The goal of functional safety is to make sure that any product or system you develop will not cause the kind of harm or damage that could lead to death or injury. Functional safety is a critical element of the design and development of safety-critical systems. Functional safety aims to ensure that a system or device cannot produce an unsafe situation. Functional safety also helps prevent fires from happening inside the car’s engine compartment. It can also prevent explosions caused by overheating or improper use of certain chemicals/fuels inside an engine compartment (such as gasoline). This can cause fire damage which could result in serious injuries or even death.

Functional safety is important for several reasons:

1) The industry has seen a significant increase in the amount of electronic devices that are used in critical systems, including medical devices and transportation systems.
2) As these electronic devices become more complex and interconnected, there are more opportunities for unexpected interactions between components to occur.
3) In these situations, functional safety can be used to ensure that these interactions do not result in unsafe conditions for users.

Wire Consultancy offers comprehensive Functional Safety

Wire consultancy is an expert in functional safety. We have been working with functional safety for over 20 years and we have experience in many different industries. Functional safety is the main focus of our company, but we also offer other services such as:

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