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Structural Audit India

A structural audit of buildings is a correct diagnosis establishing the cause, nature, and extent of damage, and the weakness or deterioration caused in the structure where the report gives a detailed description of the condition of a structure, the scale of deterioration, and effectiveness of a repair or retrofitting.

The aforementioned data is presented to the client as a part of a structural audit report where due consideration is given to make reports purposeful and easy to understand. Once the report is presented to the client, a structural audit of the structure is considered complete. To pursue & implement the recommendations of the report is at the clients’ discretion.

Structural audit is a process that assesses the condition of a facility’s facilities, systems, and operations, including their physical structure and the way they operate. The structural audit includes an assessment of the condition of the building’s foundation, structural members, interior spaces and utilities, as well as its mechanical and electrical systems.

Structural Audit are performed for many reasons including
Visual Inspection

Visual inspection for surface damages, cracks, flaking, coloration, local weaknesses, etc. and their damage classification. Simple tools and instruments like camera with flashlight, magnifying glass, binoculars, and gauge for crack width measurement, chisel and hammer, etc. shall be used for measuring the distresses. The visual inspection shall largely cover areas of high distress, cracks and their location, moisture, leakage, abnormal variations in structure, algae and fungus growth, efflorescence, etc. Visual inspection would be documented in the form of worksheets, photographic records, and distress over drawings etc.

NDT Testing

Design will be analyzed for loading at structural members. Dead loads such as self-load of structure & machines, live load such as human loading, impact of machines, shall be analyzed for different load combinations and include the governing environment forces. These structural members are verified for the mentioned parameters as per Indian Standard 567:2000, IS 800, IS 1983:2000 etc.

Wire Consultancy offers comprehensive Structural Audit

We are a structural audit company that provides services to ensure the safety and integrity of buildings and structures. We provide structural audits, which involve inspecting the structure’s framework, including its supports and beams. Our engineers conduct a thorough inspection of your building’s structure, looking for any signs of wear or damage, as well as checking for potential weakness in the supporting structure.

Wire Consultancy’s structural audits of buildings are only performed by licensed structural civil engineers. An average Profile Auditor has more than 5 years of experience in the field, including construction supervision and design.

Our team has extensive experience working on many different types of projects including residential buildings as well as commercial buildings such as offices and warehouses. We also offer structural audits for industrial properties like warehouses and factories so that you can make sure that all areas have been properly assessed before any work starts on them


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