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Electrical Safety Audit

Ensure the safety of your electrical systems with our comprehensive Electrical Safety Audit service. At Wire Consultancy, we specialize in conducting thorough assessments of your electrical infrastructure to identify potential hazards and ensure compliance with industry standards. By opting for our service, clients can achieve a safer working environment, mitigate the risk of electrical accidents, and comply with relevant safety regulations. Trust our expertise to enhance electrical safety in your organization and protect your workforce.

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What is Electrical Safety Audit?

Electrical Safety Audit is a systematic analysis of electrical systems and practices. This audit involves inspecting equipment, reviewing electrical safety procedures, and identifying potential hazards. This analysis ensures adherence to safety regulations and exposes areas for improvement.

Electrical Safety Audit Categories

Electrical Safety Audit (ESA) can be broadly classified and grouped into three categories:

Human Safety Audit

Electrical safety related to humans.

Equipment Safety Audit

Electrical safety related to equipment.

Statutory Audit

Statutory requirements.

Why Electrical Safety Audit is Crucial

The major hazards of working with the electrical system of any facility are electrical shock and burns, body injury, and body part damage, and it can be even catastrophic as electrocution death, or explosion.

Electricity is an essential component for any building or organization. So, this can be risks and hazards can be managed effectively. Studies report that 45% to 60% of facility fire accidents result from short circuits or electrical issues. This percentage is even higher for the industries handling flammable chemicals.

The Major Hazards & Risks Working with the Electrical System of any Facility are:


These hazards and risks can be effectively managed by strengthening the work procedures and practices, maintenance programs, safety training, electrical system design & adherence to policies.

Choose Wire Consultancy for Electrical Safety Audit

Wire Consultancy is the leading Electrical Safety Consultant in India. We follow an organised method for evaluating potential electrical hazards and inherent risks associated with the electrical supply at the facility. Our experienced technical team and competent personnel conduct a thorough examination and create reports recommending actions to improve electrical safety.

Our team comprises in-house certified professionals, including Chartered Engineers (IEI), NEBOSH Qualified (UK), and Class A electrical supervisors (Inspectorate), ensuring the highest standards of safety, compliance, and proficiency in every assessment we undertake.

Who can avail Electrical Safety Audit

Factories & Industries

Offices & Services Sites

Other Buildings

Benefits of Electrical Safety Audit

The main objective of the Electrical Safety Audit is to identify potential electrical hazards; flaws in the design system, maintenance system, etc. top reverent minimize loss of life and property.

Benefits of Electrical Safety Audit

Points we focus on during Electrical Safety Audit:

Electrical Safety System Management
  1. Review of Electrical Protection System.
  2. Review of Connected Load, Sanctioned Load/Contract Demand.
  3. Review of the Complete Electrical Distribution System.
  4. Review of Quality of Electrical Safety and Protective Systems: RCCBs, Main switch, MCCBs, MCBs, ELCBs/RCBs, Isolators, UPS, Battery and Server Room, Lightening Arrestor, Cable routes, Deteriorated insulation, Unused openings in live panels, Loose terminations due to improper supports, crimping, Earthing defects, etc.
  5. Review of Static Electricity Hazards in the Electrical System/Installation Operations (as per IS 7689).
  6. Review of Electrical System/Installation Lightning Protection System (need, adequacy, installation, and maintenance) as per IS 62305.
  7. Evaluate the potential electrical fire hazards.
Preventive Maintenance
  1. Review of Electrical Accidents and Near-Misses to Identify Root Causes.
  2. Review of Electrical Systems & Procedures. (Work permits, interlocks, lockout tags, etc.)
  3. Evaluate providing Limits of Hazardous Area Zoning for Flammable Chemical Storage.
  4. Review of the importance given to electrical safety in the company safety policy, safety committee, continuous electrical risk identification, etc.
  5. Review of rubber mats being used.
  6. Checking of earth continuity.
  7. Review of test records, evaluating test results: Transformer oil test, Insulation Resistance Tests, Earth Resistance tests, Relay Test Records.
Complain with Statutory Requirement
  1. Indian Electricity Act 2003 (Amended in 2007)
  2. Central Electricity Authority (CEA) 2023 Regulations
  3. NFPA 70E Validation
  4. Code of Practices such as NEC 2023, NBC 2016 and various relevant IS Standards
  5. IS 732 – Code of Practice of Electrical Wiring Installations
  6. IS 3043:2018 – Code of Practice for Earthing
  7. IS 5216 – Guide for Safety Procedures and Practices in Electrical Work
  8. IS 10118 – Code of Practice for the installation, selection, and maintenance of switchgear and control gear
  9. IEEE: 519 & IEEE: 1159: Reference standards for Power quality and harmonics.
  10. NBC 2016: National Building Code 2016
  11. IS 7689: Code of Practice against Static Charges
  12. IS 1646: Code of practice for fire safety of buildings (general): Electrical Installations
Emergency Preparedness
  1. Evaluate if existing control measures reduce risk to a tolerable level.
  2. Review the organization’s emergency response plan for electrical incidents.
  3. Evaluate communication protocols and evacuation procedures.
  4. Assess the frequency and effectiveness of emergency response drills
Emergency Lighting System
  1. Review the operational status of emergency lighting systems.
  2. Evaluate the visibility and condition of exit signs.

Methodology for Electrical Safety Audit:

Our Electrical Safety Audit methodology dive deep into your electrical system, employing a six-step process to ensure your environment is a shield, not a spark. From collecting data and testing to thorough inspections and insightful reporting, we cover every aspect to ensure electrical safety. Trust our expertise to prevent potential hazards, empowering you with actionable insights to build a brighter, safer future for your people and your infrastructure.

Methodology for Electrical Safety Audit

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