lightning protection system india

lightning protection system india

Lightning Protection Systems

We offer Comprehensive Lightning Protection System India and outside India. WIRE provide end-to-end solutions that cover risk assessment, design, supply and installation, testing, and commissioning.

Lightning Protection Systems Objectives:-

  1. To do the risk analysis as per various renowned national and international standards such as IEC 62305, IS 2309 and IEEE, also to review the installed lightning protection system.
  2. In depth review of air termination system, down conductor system and earthing system of the existing lightning protection system.
  3. To review the system adequacy as per national and international standards and verify the as built drawing of the installed system.
  4. Finally to provide recommendation and solutions as per best industrial practice to achieve health lightning protection system.

National and International Standards

  1. IS 2309 – Protection of Buildings and Allied Structures Against Lightning
  2. IS 3043 – Code of Practice for Earthing.
  3. IS 7689 – Code for Control of Undesirable Static Electricity.
  4. NFPA 780 – Standard for the installation of Lightning Protection Systems India
  5. IEC 62305 – Protection against Lightning.
  6. IEEE 988 – IEEE Guide for Direct Lightning Stroke Shielding of Substations
  7. OISD 180 – Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD)