Risk Inspection Survey

A risk inspection or assessment survey is not an audit. A risk assessment is a method used to identify weaknesses which might prevent a business unit from achieving its goals and objectives. Part of the process is to identify the activities of the business unit and determine what could prevent the area from achieving its goals or mission.

A risk assessment is a process that assigns a score to risk based on impact and probability. Risk assessments can be performed on a single function within a major function, or they can be performed on a major function within a larger division.

Objectives of risk inspection survey:

  • To identify weak areas within a business unit.
  • To direct resources effectively. Too many people or too much time may be spent on processes that do not need that much attention while ‘riskier’ processes are lacking in attention.
  • To communicate risks – an end product that will visually show you and upper management where the problems are.

Risk Inspection Covers:

  1. Fire Risk
  2. Electrical Risk
  3. Process Risk
  4. Statutory compliance
  5. Machine Handling
  6. Vehicle movement
  7. Hazardous and Non-hazardous material Storage
  8. Maintenance Practices
  9. Contractor risk policy
  10. Material handling

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