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In the manufacturing sector, the risks involved in the manufacturing process related to EHS, legal compliance, or other issues often outweigh the benefits. Wire consultancy develops solutions that address these concerns. Our engineers are experts in the latest technologies, and they can help you with everything from project initiation to product quality control.

We are a Risk Engineering & EHS Solutions Consultancy firm that provides engineering, safety & sustainability services for the manufacturing sector. We specialize in reducing workspace logistics, improving operator safety, and optimizing throughput. Our team of engineers has over a decade of experience in the manufacturing sector and can help you develop a solution that will make your business more efficient and profitable.

We have a proven track record of helping our clients manage their logistics and reduce costs by optimizing the use of space in manufacturing facilities.

Business and Consulting Firm

– Designing new layouts to make more efficient use of available space

– Creating turnkey solutions for re-configuring existing workspaces to meet new needs

– Identifying areas that can be expanded without impacting production volumes

– Providing design services for structural modifications to buildings or equipment

We’ll also look at ways that you can improve worker safety and increase throughput by streamlining your process and creating new systems. These improvements can be as simple as adding a few extra steps in the manufacturing process or as complex as redesigning the entire operation from scratch.

Our specialization in Manufacturing sector Engineering, safety & sustainability services includes:




Front End Engineering Design (Feed)

Process Hazard Analysis

Green Energy Feasibility Study

Gas Dispersion Modelling

Pre-Start-Up Safety Review

Reservoir Water Management Sustainability

Substation Designing

Emergency Planning and Response Program Development

Environmental Compliance Assistance

Fire Water Hydraulic Calculation

Explosion Safety/Hac/ATEX

Environment Impact Assessment Study

Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing Design Services

Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)

Green Building Consultancy

Fire Actuation System Design

Safety Integrity Level

Occupational Health Monitoring

Fire & Electrical Load Estimation


Water Harvesting & Drainage System

Arc Flash & Relay Coordination Study as Per NFPA 70e

Lightning Risk Protection Design

Water Quality Analysis

Dust Explosion & Risk Assessment

Structural Audit & Retrofitting Solutions

Industrial Hygiene Audit

F & G Mapping (2D & 3D)

Structural Stability Services

Iso 50001 Compliances

BIM Services

NDT & PDT Testing’s

Green House Gas Emissions

Seismic Analysis Design of Structures


Water Audit Footprint Study

Green Hydrogen System Consultancy

Behavioural Based Safety (BBS)

Energy Management

Conditional Monitoring

Electrical Safety & Risk Assessment

Power Quality Studies

Computational Fluid Design

Fire Risk & Risk Assessment

Ergonomics Study

Fire Load Calculations

Software Platform Integration





Work Permit System Digitization

IS 14489 Audits



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