quantitative safety risk assessment

Quantitative Safety Risk Assessment – QRA

A Quantitative Safety Risk Assessment (QRA) is a valuable tool for determining the risk of the use, handling, transport and storage of dangerous substances.

QRAs are used to demonstrate the risk caused by the activity and to provide the competent authorities with relevant information to enable decisions on the acceptability of risk related to developments on site, or around the establishment.

Requirements of QRA:

  • To quantify the risks associated with a facility (e.g. Risk Contours, Individual Risk Per Annum (IRPA), Potential Loss of Life (PLL) and F-N Plots)
  • Regulatory Compliance.
  • To have better understanding of the hazards and the measures needed to control them.
  • Analysis of very rare but potentially catastrophic events
  • Considers thousands of scenarios that involve multiple failures, thus providing an in-depth understanding of system failure modes.
  • Determining the potential frequencies and consequences of the identified hazards

What we Do:

  • 2D/3D Fire/ Modelling
  • Modelling Vapour Cloud Dispersion
  • Effects of Ignition of Vapour Cloud
  • Toxic Exposure Dispersion
  • Individual Risk Calculation
  • Societal Risk Calculation
  • Preparation of Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan