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The warehouse & Logistics Sector is an ever-evolving sector, with a wide range of engineering, safety & sustainability services required to keep the industry running. Wire consultancy services are regularly sought by warehouse & Logistics companies for critical support of their operations, facilities and development projects around the world.

Wire consultancy is a privately held Risk Engineering & EHS Solutions consulting firm focused on process and product engineering solutions in the warehouse & logistics sector.

We are a leading engineering, safety & sustainability service provider in the warehouse & logistics sector. We provide customized solutions that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our client’s businesses.

Our team is well experienced in designing, construction, commissioning and testing of power grid, substation, transformers, switch gear, UPS system, GIS software and laser scanning services.

Our specialization in Warehouse & Logistics Sector Engineering, safety & sustainability services includes:




Substation Earthing Design

Warehouse Load Estimation

Green Energy Feasibility Study

Fire Water Hydraulic Calculation

Electrical Safety & Risk Assessment

Reservoir Water Management Sustainability

Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing Design Services

Fire Risk & Risk Assessment

Environmental Compliance Assistance

Fire Actuation System Design

Software Platform Integration

Environment Impact Assessment Study

Fire & Electrical Load Estimation

Work Permit System Digitization

Green Building Consultancy

Front End Engineering Design (Feed)

Lightning Risk Protection Design

Occupational Health Monitoring

BIM Services

Structural Audit & Retrofitting Solutions

Water Harvesting & Drainage System

Seismic Analysis Design of Structures

Structural Stability Services

Water Quality Analysis

NDT & PDT Testing’s

Industrial Hygiene Audit


Iso 50001 Compliances

Infrared Scanning

Green House Gas Emissions

Fire Load Calculations

Water Audit Footprint Study

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