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Lightning Protection System India | Lightning Protection Risk Assesment

We offer a Comprehensive Lightning Protection System India and outside India. WIRE provides end-to-end solutions that cover risk assessment, design, supply and installation, testing, and commissioning.

Lightning flashes can cause significant structural damage to a building, including damage to machinery and equipment inside and outside the building, and may harm the occupants. The damages and failures may also extend to the structure’s surroundings and involve the local environment. The scale of this extension depends on the structure’s characteristics and the lightning flash’s characteristics.

The engineering team at WIRE CONSULTANCY is well equipped with knowledge of the latest codes & standards. It has vast industrial experience in designing & implementing lightning protection systems. Thereby ensuring to deliver techno-economic favoring solutions for your organization.

Steps Involved in the designing of a protection system

Designing a Lightning protection system includes a systematic approach of conducting risk assessment, review & designing the external protection system and the internal protection system. 

LIGHTNING RISK ASSESSMENT is the measure of the risk of a lightning strike and the probability of damages associated with any building, which helps in:

Activities involved in a risk assessment study may vary on the basis of expectations and required outcomes. Typically, the overall study involves following steps:

Lighting Protection Design As Per IEC 62305 part03 Method Of LPS Design
Deliverables Of The Lighting protection Design Report
Lightning Protection Systems Objectives:-
National And International Standards

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